Lean Six Sigma has proven time and time again that no matter what industry, sector or culture Lean Six Sigma works!

The key is using genuine and original Lean Six Sigma and avoiding budget enticing imitatoins. Training alone is not the answer
Lean Six Sigma is a learning culture

The DNA of an organization must be underpinned by a relentless pursuit for continuous improvement.

Return shareholder value by improving economic profit.

Understand and deliver on critical customer requirements.

Every employee has a mandate to perform their best and improve the process.
Lean Six Sigma Australasia has a diverse client history that crosses sectors and oceans.

LSSA seamlessly interact with global partners in delivering value on their behalf, as well as, having our global clients supported in regions where they have operations around the world and in the local language, such as: Spanish, Portuguese, English and Bahasa.

Our diverse client base is a testament to the universality and power of Lean Six Sigma to investigate dysfunction, uncover opportunity and deliver economic value opportunities across sectors and cultures worldwide.
Lean Six Sigma Australasia and the Graduate School of Business Productivity wants to grow with you and your organization.

Today and tomorrow will see the global village encroach on the local markets. Competition is close and to be competitive we must be dynamic and continuously improve:

Uncompromising customer satisfaction.

Streamlined value stream processes that deliver on-time and on budget all the time.

Flexibility to deliver to market what is in demand as it is demanded without over-production or over-processing.

A working culture with bias for action. Engaged and willing to be involved.

This is Lean Six Sigma; a discipline and a culture designed for today and the future.

Be a globally recognized ASQA-AQF Graduate qualified Lean Six Sigma expert.
Recognition of Prior Learning
Recognition of Prior Learning
Lean Six Sigma recognized as a vocation with its own unique AQF accredited graduate qualifications.
Critical mass of organizations seeking business improvement  professionals present need for standards
George Group L.P, USA (developers & leaders of LSS) sign partnership with Kirtland Leadership Pty Ltd to deliver LSS in Australasia.
The fusion of culture change, lean enterprise and six sigma to become the global phenomenon Lean Six Sigma.
A compelling government report  (Karpin) points a need for a change in approach toward business and Kirtland Leadership is formed
Lean Six Sigma Graduate Accreditation is delivered across markets and industry in Australia. Plans laid to go regional.
GSBP| Graduate School of Business Productivity established. See introduction video.
|GSBP Productivity Introduction Video|
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2014 leansisxigma.com.au and InteGlobal are part of Kirtland Leadership Pty Ltd
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