* Nationally Registered courses
91558NSW Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma
91775NSW Graduate Diploma of Lean Six Sigma
|National Training Register Link (Graduate Diploma)|
|National Training Register Link (Graduate Certificate)|
Already completed DMAIC improvement projects?

Already trained in Lean Six Sigma but the certificate is not recognised and unregulated?

Are you Six Sigma trained and need Lean?

Are you Lean and need Six Sigma?

UPGRADE your skills and knowledge and obtain the WORLD'S highest recognised qualifications in business productivity:

Graduate Diploma of Lean Six Sigma (91557NSW)
Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma (91558NSW)
Diploma of Project Management

(exclusively administered by the Graduate School of Business Productivity)
If you already have a project portfolio that you have achieved due to past learning and skills development in Lean Six Sigma or Six Sigma you can apply for RPL and potentially obtain a postgraduate certificate and graduate diploma without any further training.

Dual qualifications
Dual qualifications
Advanced Skillset
Advanced skillset
Qualify now!
Qualify Now!
There may be some topics and areas that  you may not have covered during your past skills and knowledge training.

NO PROBLEM - we will assess your situation and arrange FREE access for you to our comprehensive online training units to close any gaps. Once any missing units are complete we can issue you with a
REAL QAULIFICATION that you rigthly deserve
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