A new product or service? Or maybe a complete re-engineering for a broken process?

Design for INNOVATION presents disciplines and tools that help engineer the parameters for the right results and incorporates the Lean JIDOKA philosophy of building quality into the process from the outset using a specialized Lean Centric Design tool kit to exactly meet critical customer requirements.
This course will enable a person who holds a role as a project leader or equivalent in any industry to lead a new product or process design project. You will learn how to design  whilst leading a team to:
O Understand the fundamentals of design for innovation,
O Scope the design opportunity,
O Plan and manage a design project,
O Capture and organise customer concepts,
O Develop and implement target design performance measures,
O Explore conceptual design,
O Optimise design elements,
O Develop detailed design and validate characteristics,
O Plan and conduct a pilot and optimise the design prototype,
O Execute full scale implementation, validate benefits and close design project.
Adult learning technique

DFI training is delivered over 5 days including hands-on simulations and multi-media adult learning focus.

Certification is achieved after assessment of skills and competency from project execution. Classroom training alone is inadequate for true effectiveness.
The essence of INNOVATION
is to ensure
design quality & predictability
Previous experience in productivity based process improvement projects using Lean Six Sigma and Lean Analytics is an advantage
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