Six Sigma is now famous for its investigatory approach to solving problems using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) project management framework. DMAIC follows a natural flow of fact based discovery.

Just as impacting is the suite of MUST have quantitative decision making tools that sits in this framework. Measure systems analysis, statistical data analysis, lateral thinking techniques, team based brain storming tools and control and implementation techniques.

Lean Six Sigma also includes Design for Innovation; used when new product or process is required or a process is so broken that redesign is triggered. DMEDI (Define, Measure, Explore, Deploy, Implement)

True Lean Six Sigma skills and knowledge are very powerful and entirely in synergy.

As a subset LEAN can be deployed in any organization within the Kaizen or Heijunka and Lean for Service frameworks and covers comprehensive concepts as Lean analytics for Work Control Systems and Multi-layered Replenishment systems.

Achieving Stability, Flexibility and Speed require enablers such as; 5S, VM, SMED, Muda, Poka Yoke, Flow and Balance, etc these are comprehensive but are only the standard tools within our toolkit.
Lean Six Sigma FULLY encompasses all the tools and techniques of LEAN by itself.
Original Six Sigma values and techniques have not faded.

Lean Six Sigma is a vocation. To be a truly recognised Lean Six Sigma practitioner; a Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt need to have been trained in ALL the disciplines and tools of the practice and prove it by qualification and most important practice.

Project Belt training takes ten (10) days and covers the integration of Lean and Six Sigma tools into a single seamless project discipline.

Advanced Belt training includes a further ten (10)days and includes advanced analytical and other tools in  Lean Six Sigma.

Full Version Lean Six Sigma explains all the laws and principles of Lean Six Sigma.

#1...40% of the knowledge transfer should be Lean focused!

#2...Lean is embedded into every phase of the knowledge transfer not a standalone review.

Lean is more than a series of waste elimination tools it is an integral part of Lean Six Sigma profession.
Lean Six Sigma is a term bantered around by many offering training opportunities. However their depth and scope of knowledge transfer is limited.

Genuine Lean Six Sigma is the thorough fusion of both Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma

as delivered to multinationals, such as: Caterpillar, Xerox, Alcan, Eli Lilly, US military and Australian multinationals like Orica.

Genuine and orginal Lean Six Sigma is best explained in two books written by Michael George, CEO and founder of the George Group L.P. Dallas, TX USA, our original partners.
It is not
Lean with Six Sigma or
Six Sigma with Lean it is
Lean Six Sigma!
The book that introduced Lean Six Sigma to the Service World
The original best seller Lean Six Sigma
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