What is

Lean Enterprise?

True Lean is one comprehensive approach....

...not just a smorgasborg of tools.

Being good at basic Lean tools does not always lead to the dramatic changes that are promised or expected.

The fact is there is more to Lean than most are aware.

Lean Analytics are a series of calculations and statistical tools that allow understanding of more complex situations such as: intra-work station and product/ service frequencies, co-efficient of variance of demand algorithms, batch prioritization, unit capacity and value efficiency metrics.

Fast | Flexible | Stable

Lean is generally viewed as a toolbox full of methods, tools and disciplines to achieve process improvement.

The three outcomes desired from Lean can be described as; Stability, Flexibility and Speed in processing. This is accomplished by eliminating processing waste, referred to as "Muda." Muda represents a complication of seven dysfunctions or abnormalities that Lean Operations works to prevent, or atleast minimise their impact.

Organizations and processes are complex to standardize, especially when there are many products or services traversing the same work stations and operations. What intially appears simple requires an Enterprise-wide analysis.

The common implementation of visual techniques, such as; 5S and Visual Management are common low-level engagements but achieving peak performance requires the inclusion of three significant paradigms and their accompanying tools and techniques: Jidoka, Heijunka & Kaizen...

The Tribe is Everything!

Lean will equip you with tribal engagement tools and techniques that will provide optimized operational performance to meet customer demand rates with high quality throughput regardless of a products life cycle demand algorithms.

Kaizen | Constant incremental improvement of the process by the people that run and interact with the operation: The "Tribe."

Jidoka | Is a commitment to "Get Right First Time" and "Instant Abnormality Detection" There is a suite of tools and techniques to assist in achieving this.

Heijunka | Is predictive standardisation of operations. Tools and techniques that reduce variation and immediately identify dysfunction.




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