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[Six (6) Secrets of Success Revealed...read on...]


1. Economic Profit?

[secret customer base]
Lean Six Sigma 2.0 delivers to the Shareholder true sharemarket value. CEOs are crying out for affirmative action... and it does not have to cost millions in consulting fees to get it!


2. Deliver the  Strategy?

[secret of execution]
You can convert a 'vision' statement into a strategy but Lean Six Sigma 2.0 will deliver on strategy using our inclusive execution framework known as 
Lean Centric Design.


3. Next-Gen 

[secret skillsets]
Lean Six Sigma 2.0 is the only knowledge and skills transfer that delivers on the three (3) biggest critical deficiencies in management competency at all-levels.


4. A superior Curriculum?

[secret knowledge]
Fancy flavour-of-the-month programs like; agile and scrum are cherrypicked tools and techniques from the much more robust full Lean Six Sigma 2.0 curriculum.


5. Corporate Architecture?

[secret frameworks]
Lean Six Sigma 2.0 was & is designed to be a permanent learning and development framework. Leadership development is a design attribute of
Lean Centric Design. 


6. LSS Nationally Recognised?

[secret recognition]
Lean Six Sigma is a 'vocational' skillset. To truly qualify it must be assessed on project work. Making it a high graduate level award. Can be done online or in-house.

1. Economic Profit?

[secret ] The name of the game is "Economic Profit?

Basically Economic Profit is the spread between Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) i.e.:"EP%=ROIC-WACC"...

....this is the "secret" power of the new LEAN SIX SIGMA 2.0  enterprise architecture, LEAN CENTRIC DESIGN

Strategic Agility

The high level interactions, visions, plans, customer and supply chain relationships  have their root here

Lean Centric Design

Productivity Management

The interpretation and execution of strategic vision has its core in the Productivity Management portfolio; prioritization, realization, resource replenishment, the gate keeper to what gets done, when and in what order.

Lean Centric Operations

  • KaizenTribal engagement
  • Right first time engineeringJidoka
  • HeijunkaPredictive standardisation
  • empowered motivationBias for Action

2. Deliver the Strategy?

This is the most significant difference between mediocre success and longterm value creation.

Preparation is the deciding factor in just about everything we do. It is know different for Lean Centric Design.

Time spent up front establishing hierarchy and sturcutred decision making frameworks with all their implications is 100% in the realms of disruptive next-generation competitiveness. Its proprietary, it works, and if you want to know more we better make an appointment... 

3. Next-Generation

Organisations tend to lack these three (3) major capabilities that need to be embedded into every management and leader layer.

These skillsets have powerful implications that can make the difference between remaining agile in a constant technologically disrupted market place or being stifled into slow, value diminishing transformation cycles. Make no mistake, you have to transform, regardless!

If your organisation had an 'amnesty confession' or a reality-check, how do you think the management layers would score in, these three categories, out of 100%?


Investigatory Management

Fact-based decision making starts with a skillset synonymous with "Crime-Scene Investigations." There is no room for conjecture when evidence is being gathered to accuse someone or something of a 'crime/dysfunction,' the disciplined appraoch is paramount.

Reliance on hearsay or assumptive decision making is a symptom of little to no experience with investigatory skills. Lean Six Sigma 2.0 productivity management delivers skills and knowledge in this critical competency.

Subordinates will willingly obtain these characteristics when adopted by senior management.

Source Data Analysis


No matter how fancy it is if you don't know how it is derived, how to test its authenticity or interpret it robustly, then we have a major 'unspoken' problem,
Can management robustly:
* Design a data collection plan? 
* Confirm that data is accurate and precise?
*Determine the parametric nature of the data type and be able to analyse it with the correct analysis kit?
*Correctly present data statistically and with the matching graphical interface?
*Interpret data with statistical confidence to support fact-based decisions?
*Ensure subordinates can do the same?

Tribal Engagement

Sometimes marginalised to the "soft skills" category 'Tribal' engagement has a direct influence on a cultures "bias for action."

Lean Six Sigma 2.0 encapsulates the ultra-important virtues of "Lateral-Design Thinking Techniques" for individual and team engagement. Taking into full account the fact that everyone in their role has a measure of expertise then empowering individuals to express themselves as subject matter experts, within a controlled productivity improvement framework will bring with it long term and sustainable dividends: "A bias for action," that is to achieve a culture of; personal motivation from empowerment.

4. A Superior  Curriculum?

The complete Lean Six Sigma 2.0 curriculum has no rival.

Lean Six Sigma is a pedigree born from the union of the very best knowledge and skills from 19th & 20th Centuries. A pure bred that is plagued by a crowd of less than capable counterfeits.

How can you be certain of legitimacy?
True full and complete Lean Six Sigma skills and knowledge is distinquished by national recognition, set at a high postgraduate level, not just a 'belt' certificate, but a true higher education qualification.

You can obtain these genuine and original knowledge and skills in a pragmatic series of units of competency intellgently delivered in a productivity project management sequence; either online or through corporate group engagements.

If a Lean Six Sigma provider does not have proof of intellectual property and supported by national recognition then it is a counterfeit.

5. Corporate Architecture?

Maximising long term economic value requires deeper holisitc commitment...

Lean Centric Design [LCD] is the structured framework in which Lean Six Sigma/ Lean and their derivatives best reside if you want to build constant true market value.

If you have experienced the stumble and fall of counterfeit continuous improvement efforts that promised but did not deliver then this is likely because the strategic framework was never established.

If you are part of an organisation that wants the dividends of getting this right then contact us to make an appointment.


6. Lean Six Sigma Nationally Recognised?

In order to have a qualifiaction nationally recognised a few milestones are required; They must belong to an industry, they must be an intellectual property and they must be approved by an known board of academic and industry experts.


Continuous Improvement

The world has adopted a sub-industry that makes up part of the DNA of modern organisations, and that is, the productivity improvement effort that spans all industries and markets. Lean Six Sigma is the recognised mainstay for competency for this industry.


Units of Competency

Knowledge and Skills are broken down into a set of units of competency. These units are designed to be completed independently, aiding learning. This means that a standard can be assessed within the facets of Lean Six Sigma "Belt" qualifications.


Graduate Qualifications

For the academic recognition and scrutiny of researching the takeaway abilities of the student and also the implications on the effects on industry a higher education postgraduate level qualification (level 8) was awarded to genuine Lean Six Sigma business productivity award recipients. The nature of the project component also awards a Diploma of Project Management as a welcome bonus.


Recognition of Prior Learning

Your past experience and project portfolio could win you the qualifications WITHOUT further study.

Lean Six Sigma is a vocational skillset therefore evidence showing previous work can secure you two (2) top qualifications in one RPL.

91557NSW Graduate Ceritificate in Lean Six Sigma + BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management.


Remote access, anytime online classroom video led training designed to enhance real-time project execution. Experience now by click here or on the picture below. 


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