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Lean Six Sigma is a totally scalable to your transformation and we can adapt our involvement to match your vision and budget.

Setup strategic portfolio architecture

to be successful every continuous improvement initiative must have a blueprint to deliver a top-down strategy with integrated driving mechanisms to deliver constant value.

Our Lean Six Sigma experts can do this.

Deployment performance structure

Performance in continuous improvement means establishing a Lean Six Sigma Work Control System with tools and techniques to deliver.

The architecture is a functioning example of Lean Six Sigma Heijunka systems at work.

Manage Projects & Portfolios

Identify, select and manage the project portfolio.

New Executives, Sponsors, Black Belts, Lean leaders need guidance.

The projects need to be successful and completed on time. 

Transfer advanced Lean analytics & tools

laser focus on Lean Operations is a speciality and we can transfer knowledge and skills as well as fully implement a transformation to your needs.

Qualify Lean Six Sigma professionals

Deliver nationally recognised Lean Six Sigma qualifications on a pathway all the way from short courses to Advanced Black Belt skills and compatency.

Master Black Belt certifiers

Our Lean Six Sigma origins makes us the only Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certifiers in the region.

The Value-Creation Cycle

"Preparation is evertyhing"



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