Basic Black Belt

Graduate Certificate + Diploma of Project Management (Dual qualifications)

Intelligent, commercially savvy training curriculums ensure skills, knowledge and tools transfer is achieved through simulations, examples and exercises designed to put this world-class tool-kit into learning you can put to use immediately.

Basic Black Belt (or full version Green Belt) training is absolutely necessary to fully equip project leaders with the essential techniques and options needed to resolve a myriad of process problems across markets, industries and organizations.

Genuine and original full version training is now so rare that we have it approved by ASQA at a postgraduate certificate level to separate it from the ocean of short cheap incomplete courses on offer.


Cirtical Skills

  • You will learn the following:
  • Apply Lean Six Sigma fundamental skills and knowledge
  • Structure and validate a viable project
  • Analyse Customer Segmentation and Identify Requirements
  • Collect and Stratify data for analysis
  • Perform basic statistics & graphical analysis
  • Calculate simple specification tolerance to process performance
  • Determine probable cause using qualitative techniques
  •   Achieve process stability using work control systems
  • Use structured lateral thinking techniques and develop criteria based solution evaluation
  • Pilot and evaluate a proposed solution  
  • Plan and control an improved process commissioning
  • Structure and validate a viable project. Get Course Kit Here

Training Method

The only nationally recognised Lean Six Sigma accreditation. 

Course Details

GradCertLSS is delivered over 10 days including hands-on simulations and multi-media adult learning focus OR 100% ONLINE.
Access Time| 12 months
Course Hours| about 65 hours
Inclusions| Training Manuals, Datasets and Templates.
Remote Online Access on all platforms.
Insturctor led Virtual Classroom.
Proprietary concepts and simulations.

Authentic Academic Certification.

3 Awards|
Basic Black Belt Certificate is awarded at completion of training with the 91558NSW Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma  (level 8) and BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management  (level 5) accreditation achieved after assessment of skills and competency.
administered by the
InteGlobal | Graduate School of Business Productivity


Who Should Take The Course?

Relavant to all industries: Service, Manufacturing, Logistics, Mining, etc.

Lean Six Sigma knowledge and know-how will improve career value for:
Executives, Senior Managers, Line Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Quality Assusrance, Business Improvement Roles.

Vocational Qualifying Requirements 

Post training requires a portfolio of real project work in the workplace with successful outcomes.

The course is best achieved when a real-world project is worked on during the progression of the course unit schedule.

91558NSW Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma [National Training Register Link]



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