Corporate Licensing

Should a reputable corporation make use of intellectual property they are not licensed to use? 

 Home made and add-on Lean Six Sigma materials are made up of borrowed and in-most cases incomplete concepts. Providing only partial effectiveness of the potential gains from knowing the complete picture. With the added risk of operating in an unethical manner

Critical Alerts & Benefits

The genuine and original corporate licensed works agreement has multi-layered benefits.

Authenticate and standardise your corporate business producitivity license

Ethical IP (intellectual property) works agreement. A lot of time and investment goes into proprietary concepts and ideas. Accepting material without the inclusion of proprietary warnings is an obvious sign of counterfeit. Corporate ethics require internal and third party materials be in compliance with copyright and IP contracts.

Complete training curriculums for all Lean and Lean Six Sigma roles and conepts.

Curriculums are backed by nationally recognised and accredited units of competency

Novice to advanced training curriculums

Organisation friendly Microsoft Office based curriculums, tools and templates.

Lean Six Sigma statistical competencies are provided with integrated training that is tailored to build competency in customer preferred software:
Minitab®, SigmaXL® and JMP® statistical analysis packages.

Fully integrated training material supplements include reference to legitimate software.

Proprietary curriculum scripts and training notes.

Purposely proprietary designed simulations and exercises integrated into the curriculums

Professional and highly experienced consultative support to assist in integration

 Instructor led online video classroom open access courses - ready-to-go for all employees

Authenticated Coporate Licenses

Some of the corporations within Australia that operate with authentic Lean Six Sigma business productivity IP curriculums

Australia Post


Newcrest Mining

Western Power



Sealed Air

Elli Lily



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