Six Sigma Statistics for Process Engineers

Unit credits in the Graduate Certificate 

Statistics for Process Engineers – (fully integrated online learning)
A vital suite of powerful commercial data analysis competencies for everyone needing to interpret and improve process performance. Job roles and titles vary across different public and industry sectors. Possible job titles for someone undertaking this commercial statistics course might include:

The course is designed and made up of six specialized units of competency taken from the ‘Lean Six Sigma’ postgraduate productivity management program frameworks. These units are designed specifically to take someone from a basic introductory level of understanding to competently investigating, analyzing and predicting process performance at a postgraduate level of capability.


Cirtical Competency Skills

Students will undergo the following 6 units/subjects from the Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma & the Graduate Diploma of Lean Six Sigma:

Unit of Competency Graduate Certificate (Basic Black Belt) Graduate Diploma (Advanced Black Belt)
7004ACollect and Stratify data for analysis
7005APerform basic statistics and graphical analysis
7006ACalculate simple specification tolerance to process performance
8001A_________________________________________Use control charts for observation and predictive data analysis
8002A_________________________________________Calculate specification tolerance to process performance
8003A_________________________________________Structure and conduct measurement systems analysis

Training Method

The only nationally recognised Lean Six Sigma accreditation. 

Course Details

Six Sigma Statistics for Process Engineers.
100% ONLINE.
Access Time| 12 months
Course Hours| about 15 hours
Inclusions| Training Manuals, Datasets and Templates.
Remote Online Access on all platforms.
Instructor led Virtual Classroom.
Delivered with samples using popular statistical software.

Authentic Academic Certification.

1 x Certificate | 3 x credits in GCLSS | 3 x credits in GDLSS
part of 91558NSW Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma and 91557NSW Graduate Diploma in Lean Six Sigma (level 8) credit achieved after assessment of skills and competency.


Who Should Take The Course?

•All Operations Management required to collect, read and analyse data
•Process Engineer
•Systems Analyst
•Shift Manager
•Quality Manager
•Production Manager
•Productivity Project Manager
•Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
•Continuous Improvement Manager

Vocational Qualifying Requirements 

Certifcation and credits can be achieved with the completion of course exercises and assignments

The course is best achieved when a real-world project is worked on during the progression of the course unit schedule.
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